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The SENER Foundation presents the Best Doctoral Thesis Award to a PhD at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid

The SENER Foundation has presented the Best Doctoral Thesis Award to Antonio Antoranz, a PhD at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M), for his thesis entitled “A numerical study of turbulent heat transfer in pipes, which was supervised by UC3M professors Óscar Flores and Manuel García-Villalba.

The SENER Foundation’s panel made the decision to recognize this thesis for its important contribution to fluid mechanics and its applicability in SENER’s Renewable, Power, Oil & Gas area, especially in designing solar thermal power plant receivers.

With this in mind, the Director of the SENER Foundation, Juan Seijas, emphasized: “This thesis uses direct simulation to study a fluid mechanics problem: a fluid whose properties vary with temperature, in turbulent flow. As such, it is a significant contribution to fluid mechanics.” Seijas added that this thesis “allows us to ensure that existing correlations of near-wall heat fluxes are applicable, despite the fact that the properties of the liquid vary with temperature.”

Antonio Antoranz has collected the prize from the President of the SENER Foundation, Andrés Sendagorta, in a ceremony held at the company’s facilities on July 12. He thanked SENER for choosing his thesis with these words: “I feel very honored and I hope that, though my study was in basic Science, it will be applicable in the field of Engineering, thanks to SENER.”

The SENER Foundation plans to use this annual award to stimulate top-level research in the scientific and technological fields where SENER currently participates, such as Aerospace, Infrastructure and Transport, Renewable, Power, Oil & Gas, and Marine sectors. This is why the panel is composed of professors in the aforementioned scientific and technological disciplines, in addition to PhDs from SENER’s technical team, patrons of the SENER Foundation with doctoral degrees, and past winners of this award.

The SENER Foundation award for Best Doctoral Thesis comes with a €12,000 prize for the thesis author and an additional €3,000 to be shared among the thesis supervisors. The next edition of the award will be convened during the third quarter of 2018, via the SENER Foundation website.

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