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SENER Foundation volunteers travel to Peru to work on the project to enhance the productive chain of cane sugar

Piura (Perú), August 14.SENER Foundation volunteers travelled this week to Piura (Peru) to start work on the project to “Enhance the socio-productive chain of cane sugar in Piura (Peru)”. The purpose of this first study, which the SENER Foundation will conduct in concert with Ingeniería para la Cooperación – Lankidetzarako Ingeniaritza (ICLI), is to do an initial assessment in the field to understand the problems involving the production process for cane sugar in the Sierra de Piura area of northern Peru. It is an archaic, rudimentary, inefficient and environmentally unsound process that the SENER Foundation and ICLI will try to improve and optimize by using renewable energies and available resources.  Similarly, the project will involve training and skills development for everyone involved in this production process. To this end, they will be supported by specialists professors from the University of Piura, who will accompany them on the ground. Descarga PDF