Latest news on the activity of the SENER Foundation, its engineeringscholarships and research awards.

Rosana Madroñal, new Director of the SENER Foundation

Madrid (Spain), 8 July 2019 – The Board of Trustees of the SENER Foundation, chaired by Andrés Sendagorta, Vicepresident of SENER, has appointed Rosana Madroñal as the new Director of the SENER Foundation. In her new position, Rosana Madroñal will report to the Board and be responsible for planning and managing the activities carried out by the foundation.

Rosana Madroñal, who holds a degree in Journalism from the CEU San Pablo University (Madrid), began working at SENER in 2007 with the Communication Department, where her job included organising internal events and overseeing the SENER Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility. Between January 2019 until her current appointment, she was a project coordinator of the SENER Foundation. Before joining SENER, she worked in several media outlets.

Over its more than 15 years of activity, the SENER Foundation has contributed to the development of society by granting more than 50 graduate scholarships to underprivileged engineering students; it has run corporate volunteering programmes in concert with the Codespa Foundation; and it has promoted research at the highest level through its Best Doctoral Thesis in Engineering Award, which has been presented since 2012. Since 2015, it has also supported the Business Observatory Against Poverty, a platform managed by the Codespa Foundation and created in an effort to engage leading companies in the fight against poverty.

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