Leading by example

Testimonios de personas que han formado parte de la Fundación SENER

Isabel Borges


Todoyuca (Colombia) – Optimization of production processes at processing plants for panela sugar and yuca starch

“Cooperative volunteering is a unique experience. Throughout my stay, the local Codespa partners were extremely accommodating towards me. Similarly, being part of a working team of professionals with so many difficulties, such as those I came across in Valle del Cauca, results in mutual enrichment. The new vision you bring to the situation works in synergy with their local knowledge; we managed to achieve good results in Todoyuca in just two weeks. The plant has been operational for over 10 years and it was necessary to improve its profitability.

I really encourage you to try this experience. You give a boost to a cooperation project that benefits a great many people, you meet amazing people and, what’s more, you discover a different country, as I did. Codespa has delegations all around the world and champions economic development in the fight against poverty.

This volunteering program initiated by the SENER Foundation gives us the opportunity to contribute our knowledge.

There are all kinds of projects and they require all sorts of profiles: technical, social, management, financial, etc. But they are also open to impromptu applications, as there is a wide variety of requirements”.