The award for the best doctoral thesis was created by the Sener Foundation to promote research at the highest level in the scientific areas and in the technologies of its activity. The Sener Foundation wants to support in their work and / or in training to individuals or groups that stand out for their ability and initiative, scientific or technological competence and ethical responsibility.

Evaluation of the candidatures

The proposals are evaluated by a panel of judges made up of supervisors and winners of the doctoral thesis that won in previous editions, doctors from Sener’s technical corps, doctorate-holding trustees of the Sener Foundation, and doctors collaborating from the Sener Foundation who are experts in the subjects covered in the candidate thesis.

Profile for candidates for the Best Doctoral Thesis Awards

These awards are open to anyone who has obtained a doctoral degree from a university in a country where Sener has an office in the year when a call for the awards is opened. Furthermore, the thesis must be related to one of the aforementioned scientific and technological areas.

Call open from december 9, 2022 to january 27, 2023

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Meet the winners in previous editions of the SENER Foundation prizes

Since the call was opened for the first edition of the Best Doctoral Thesis Awards in 2012, there have been 23 winners.

2020 – Prize – Robust control strategies based on fractional calculus for robotic platforms
By: Jorge Muñoz
Directors: Concepción Monge y Carlos Balaguer

Press release for the 2020 award

2019 – Prize – Na-ion battery development: from electrode processing studies to heat Generation model of a monolayer puch cell
By: Jaione Martínez de Ilarduya
Directors: Laida Otaegui y Monika Ortueta

Press release for the 2019 award

2018 – First prize – Towards the development of highly efficient microbial fuel cells
By: Sara Mateo
Directors: Manuel Andrés Rodrigo and Francisco Jesús Fernández

Second prize – Contribution of artificial metaplasticity to pattern recognition
By: Juan Fombellida
Directors: José Manuel Fernández and Diego Andina

Second prize – Fluid Dynamic Problems of High-Speed Trains in Tunnels
By: José Manuel Rivero
Directors: Manuel Rodríguez
Press release for the 2018 award

2017 – A numerical study of turbulent heat transfer in pipes
By: Antonio Antoranz
Director: Óscar Flores and Manuel García-Villalba
Press release for the 2017 award

2016 – Infrared spectral emissivity studies on metals and materials for solar thermal power plants
By: Telmo Echániz
Director: Manuel Tello
Press release for the 2016 award

2015 – Reliability based design optimization of long-span bridges under flutter constraint
By: Ibuki Kusano
Directors: José Ángel Jurado Albarracín-Martinón and Aitor Baldomir
Press release for the 2015 award

2014 – Aerial Coverage Path Planning applied to Mapping
By: Joao Ricardo Pereira Valente
Directors: Antonio Barrientos Cruz and Jaime del Cerro Giner
Press release for the 2014 award

2013 – Analysis of magnetic nozzles for space plasma thrusters
By: Mario Merino
Director: Eduardo Ahedo
Press release for the 2013 award

2012 – Development of an innovative technology to mitigate climate change: non-dispersive absorption with ionic liquids
By: Jonathan Albo Sánchez
Director: Ángel Irabien Gulías
Press release for the 2012 award