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Andrés Sendagorta attends the XVI Family Forum Conference

San Sebastián (Spain), April 8, 2019- SENER Foundation’s President and SENER’S Vicepresident, Andrés Sendagorta gave a talk entitled ‘Fighting for your dreams’ at the XVI Family Forum Conference, which, under the motto “The New Role of the Family Entrepreneur”, took place from 5 to 7 April in San Sebastián (Spain).

SENER Foundation’s President addressed an audience of over 200 young members of family businesses and talked about the new role they will have to play in their companies, which lies in becoming social standard-bearers and pioneers of state-of-the-art technology and innovation.

In his speech, he told them about the experience he has gained from both his professional backgrounds: from the Spanish Navy and from SENER, the company founded in 1956 by his uncle Enrique and his father Manu de Sendagorta. He highlighted how much both backgrounds had in common: leadership of people with high standards and qualifications; spearheading such people in complicated, dynamic situations; making a real contribution to society; and putting passion into it, emphasizing that the most important thing should always be to fight for one’ s dreams.