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Andrés Sendagorta, appointed President of the SENER Foundation

The Board of Trustees of the SENER Foundation has appointed Andrés Sendagorta, current Vicepresident of the engineering and technology group SENER, as President of the SENER Foundation. Andrés Sendagorta fills the vacancy in this office since the death of Enrique de Sendagorta, founder and Honorary President of SENER, and founder and President of the SENER Foundation.

During the Award Ceremony for the Best Doctoral Thesis, held on 12 July at the SENER facilities in Tres Cantos (Madrid, Spain), marking his first official act as President of the Foundation, Andrés Sendagorta explained to SENER people the main activities that will be carried out by the Foundation in this new chapter.

First of all, a social corporate responsibility project (SCR) that will embody, among other things, the following: noticeable improvement of the community it serves and that this improvement be sustainable over time; must be open to voluntary participation by SENER people; must achieve excellence, as is equally the case for the engineering projects SENER performs for its clients; and must be connected to SENER’s own activities, as an engineering and technology company. To quote Andrés Sendagorta: “SENER’s SCR project has to come from SENER’s people and really bring them together“.

The second of its missions will be to promote collaboration with research centers, university centers and national and overseas technological centers, to develop joint projects. In selecting, following up and assessing these, a key role will be played by the Chief Technical Engineers committee at SENER, whose members are leaders in their technical specialties within the company and beyond.

Lastly, the SENER Foundation will centralize the prizes to be awarded to projects and doctoral theses in recognition of the work of people from outside SENER, as is the case with the Best Doctoral Thesis Award.

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