The award for the best doctoral thesis was created by the SENER Foundation to promote research at the highest level in the scientific areas and in the technologies of its activity. The SENER Foundation wants to support in their work and / or in training to individuals or groups that stand out for their ability and initiative, scientific or technological competence and ethical responsibility.


May opt to these awards all persons who have obtained a doctoral degree by a university, in one of the scientific-technological areas related to the activity of the society SENER INGENIERIA Y SISTEMAS, SA, in the year of the date of the call.

The technological areas to be framed the thesis are:

  • Infrastructures and Transport
  • Power, Oil & Gas
  • Aerospace
  • Naval

For more information, please consult the website of SENER.

In subsequent years, will not be accepted doctoral dissertations have been presented in previous editions.


Applicants shall submit their thesis with a PDF electronic copy addressed to:

Fundación SENER
C/Severo Ochoa 4 (PTM) – 28760
Tres Cantos – Madrid (Spain)

The work must be accompanied by an affidavit of the author to ensure that he was not awarded in other contests, and that this will not opt for other prizes to failure thereof. The documentation submitted to the Foundation SENER will not be returned to participants.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is SENER on December 22, 2017 at 13:00 hours.

The documentation accompanying each application shall be:

  1. Official certification of the university awarding the doctoral degree, indicating the marks obtained, name of director/s and members of the evaluation court.
  2. Accreditation of any awards, European or international.
  3. Status of publications produced with the thesis in the rankings that measure the impact factor (citations) of these technical publications related to the subject matter of the thesis.
  4. Explanatory note of how the thesis meets the criteria outlined in the fifth and sixth sections of these rules, signed by the author and director/s of the thesis.
  5. Personal contact details.


The Jury, appointed by the President of the Foundation SENER, shall consist of:

  • Supervisors of the doctoral thesis that won in previous editions.
  • Two doctors from SENER’s staff, experienced in research.
  • The trustees of the Foundation SENER having a doctoral degree.
  • The Director of the Foundation SENER, his vote will be good in case of a tie in the deliberations.
  • Secretary of the Foundation SENER, acting with voice but without vote, as secretary of the jury, and shall keep minutes of the proceedings.

The Jury will determine the criteria for assessing the excellence of the thesis competition, based, at least:

  1. Relevance and applicability of research in science and technology areas of the competition.
  2. Quality: Impact on relevant science media (magazines, patents, etc.). Awards and other mentions.
  3. Presentation: writing, graphics and data quality, content structure.

The Jury’s decision will be final, will be announced and communicated to all participants in the first quarter of 2018. The Jury reserves the right to declare void the SENER Foundation Award.


SENER Foundation and participants expressly recognize that the rights of intellectual property correspond originally to the candidate author of this work.

However, given the exclusive sponsorship agreement committed rules, it is recognized the exclusive right of SENER Foundation to use the name and image of the author whose work is rewarded in many interviews and promotional events SENER Foundation can arrange for publicize the Awards. Also, the author of the winning thesis exclusively assign SENER Foundation, for free, for the maximum period provided for in the Copyright Act and worldwide scope, the right to exploit it. In this sense, SENER Foundation may publish reviews of the contents of theses awarded in print and digital publications of SENER Group to fulfill their promotional purposes.

The presentation of a thesis to Foundation SENER Award entails full and implicit acceptance of the Terms.

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