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The Business Observatory against Poverty releases a report on inclusive businesses in Spain

The Business Observatory Against Poverty, a platform that has had the support of the engineering and technology group since its launch, SENER through the SENER Foundation, has presented its report on “Inclusive Businesses and Spanish Companies. The time not to leave anybody behind”.

The study deals with the challenges through which Spanish companies can convert and transform their value chains into more inclusive chains, both in their operations on the national market and in those international environments where there is greater vulnerability. The presentation took place in the Space Auditorium of the Telefonica Foundation in Madrid. The main conclusions of the report were presented and it was explained how, through its business, a company can help to solve social problems at the same time as earning profits.

The Business Observatory against Poverty is an organization set up by top-flight companies with the aim of seeking out new ideas and promoting initiatives to improve the living conditions of people suffering from poverty, both in Spain and beyond our borders. Managed by the Fundación Codespa, it has the collaboration of the SENER engineering and technology group (through the SENER Foundation), as well as Telefónica, the “la Caixa” Foundation, BBVA, ENDESA, the Boston Consulting Group and the IESE Business School.

The support for this platform is included in the actions SENER undertakes with regard to its Corporate Social Responsibility. SENER’s history is not only that of a company, but also that of the people whose spirit has opened up new avenues towards improving the world for us all. Since its origins, more than 60 years ago, SENER has been committed to its workers, to society and to the environment. For this reason, it demands a high level of responsibility in all its initiatives. In this respect, it has recently been awarded the trophy as a family-responsible company (EFR) by the Fundación MásFamilia, in recognition of SENER’s commitment to improving the work-family relationships of its people.

In addition, since 2002 SENER has had its own foundation, the SENER Foundation, established with aims of serving the community by training people and promoting the socially responsible nature of its professional activity. In 2017 the foundation celebrated its 15th anniversary.